Truck accessories can add both functionality and aesthetic value to your vehicle, whether that be off-roading for adrenaline thrills or simply driving around Ashland. There are upgrades that can increase both capabilities and turn heads – and truck accessories can certainly do both!

Bed liners are essential components that provide cargo with protection from adverse weather and add an attractive look. In addition, performance tuners or programmers will optimize both power and fuel efficiency of your engine.

LED Light Bars

LED light bars offer truck owners an assortment of color options when customizing their vehicles, making them a popular choice when looking to customize. These lighting systems create an intense beam of light which can illuminate obstacles or hazards on the road while simultaneously producing an aesthetic that stands out.

Selecting a light bar with a combination beam pattern allows you to benefit from both spot and flood lights in one system, giving you visibility at various distances or near-by, helping avoid hazards like trees or rocks more easily. Some models feature Bluetooth technology so you can control them via smartphone app.

Assist Steps

Accessing your truck can be challenging for those with physical limitations or short stature. Installing running boards or side steps is a great way to facilitate access while giving it a distinct look.

These tubular accessories come in all shapes and sizes to fit underneath your rocker panels, offering protection from off-roading damage while being easy to use. Most models include step areas with traction pads for easier stepping. Some even have recesses to minimize damage.

Nerf bars and running boards differ from rock sliders in that the former are typically designed for one door or cab while the latter cover all areas of your cabin, often being closer to its frame for easier stepping.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are designed to keep cargo secure, out of sight, and protect it against exposure to weather elements, theft, and highway speeds that could potentially cause damage. They’re an attractive way to add some style and make sure items left behind don’t end up on display for anyone to see!

Hard tonneau covers are constructed from materials like fiberglass and aluminum, providing maximum security while simultaneously reducing drag when closed. While these covers tend to be heavier and more costly than soft tonneau covers, they’re an excellent way to offer maximum security with style.

Soft covers, typically composed of vinyl or canvas with an expandable fabric frame that folds, tend to be less costly and provide greater access to the truck bed. Hinged and power retractable options enable drivers to open them instantly at the press of a button.

Body Kit Parts

Body kit parts can transform both the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle, offering both aesthetics and performance upgrades in one package. Available in various styles to meet individual needs, body kits include fender flares and spoilers to give it an aggressive appearance while increasing aerodynamics for faster speed.

These body parts are constructed using different materials. Some components are formed using thermoplastics reinforced by reinforcing fibers like fiberglass strands; while other pieces are created from polyurethane which has proven extremely durable against low-shock impacts.

Some body kit parts can also help increase vehicle stability and traction. For instance, rear spoilers can interrupt airflow over your vehicle to help decrease lift while increasing downforce.

Fender Flares

Fender flares can be an invaluable addition to a truck or SUV, adding value and style. They protect fenders from damage while making vehicle cleaning simpler.

Fender flares come in various styles to fit your specific needs. OE style flares are great for maintaining the stock look as they bolt directly to factory locations for installation, while street flares offer sleeker low-profile appearance that is ideal for hiding rust spots around wheel well. Pocket or bolt style flares feature distinctive rivets for an eye-catching appearance if you prefer standing out from the crowd.

4 Wheel Parts offers fender flares designed to be easily installed, and they can even be painted to match your vehicle’s paint color. Furthermore, we carry different sizes that accommodate larger tires and wheels.

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