If you’re considering buying a new bike, you’ve likely heard a lot about some of the top brands. However, what exactly makes them different from other brands? How do you find out? Here are some of the top bike brands to consider:

Whether a bike is good or bad depends on a few factors, including its style, quality, and price. While cheap bikes will generally not offer the most comfort, they may still give you a decent ride. As bike technology has improved, many companies that made expensive bikes have become specialized. As a result, you’ll find many top bike brands that cater to both beginners and advanced cyclists. In addition to top-rated bikes, many of these brands are also related to the cycling community. Several of our favorite labels were founded by professional cyclists.

Another top bike brand is Merida. Founded in 1988, Merida uses German R&D and Taiwanese manufacturing to produce a variety of bikes. In fact, the Merida brand was the first brand to produce mountain bikes. Its reputation has been boosted by the popularity of its stump-jumper mountain bike. With a reputation for producing quality bikes, the brand is one of the most popular and diverse on the market.

Another popular brand is Specialized. As a company, they have been creating revolutionary bicycles since the early 20th century. Their designs, performance, and customer needs are what drive them. As a result, they are the brand of choice for many demanding bikers. In fact, they introduced the first mass-produced mountain bike and the first hardtail in the late ’80s. These innovative and durable bikes are now available in the United States and in many countries.

Another top brand that has made a name for itself is Cervelo. This Canadian company started making bikes in 1995 and aims to build the world’s fastest bike. As a result, the company’s bikes are not cheap. The S series costs around $5000 and its premium P-series costs over ten thousand dollars. But if you’re looking for something really luxurious, Cervelo may be the brand for you.

BMC is another popular bicycle brand. The company started with Raleigh bikes and grew over the years with the help of engineers. After acquiring BMC, the company expanded into mountain bike production and has a global workforce of 120 employees. The company also manufactures hand tricycles, tandems, and unicycles. Regardless of the brand, you’re sure to find a bike made by BMC. There’s something for everyone!

Trek produces a variety of bikes, including a number of hybrids and high-quality mountain bikes. While its headquarters are in Wisconsin, it still produces some of its bicycles domestically. In 2014, it produced 25,000 bikes. Trek makes all types of bikes – from budget-friendly models to ultra-luxury luxury models suited for the rich and famous. Aside from their bikes, they also manufacture electric bikes. And don’t forget about the Trek electric mountain bikes.

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