Car modification trends come and go quickly. Sometimes a look can become popular for just a season before being discredited as cringeworthy.

Sustainable and eco-friendly modifications have become increasingly popular, reflecting an increase in environmental consciousness. Advanced suspension systems also continue to gain ground, giving drivers the option of fine-tuning their vehicle’s handling characteristics depending on road conditions or driving styles.

1. Neons are back

Neon tubes contain various gases (Helium emits yellow light, Neon red gas emits red color and Argon blue to green respectively; and Xenon blueish green) encased within glass tubes that light up when an electrical current passes through them, commonly seen on streetlights and traffic signals; they’re also added as underglow lighting on cars by car enthusiasts.

Neon isn’t just used for its aesthetic benefits; high-voltage indicator lights on construction sites and plants use neon to warn workers of potential danger from electric fences, power lines or other potential danger zones.

When searching for neon underglow for your car, be sure the brand you select provides multiple color settings so you can alter its hue as you drive over potholes and speed bumps. As neons can be more delicate than LEDs, beware when driving over potholes and speed bumps!

2. Oversize touchscreens

In the ’90s and 2000s, it was fashionable to decorate one’s car with manga-inspired graphics to resemble Dom Toretto’s car from Fight Club. Today, however, people tend to prefer fitting large touchscreen stereo systems or other technological upgrades rather than elaborate decals and stickers.

However, these large displays pose some safety issues. Drivers take much longer to complete tasks on in-vehicle touchscreens compared to physical buttons and switches – this can result in distracted driving situations and dangerous road hazards.

As pandemic restrictions ease and economic recovery progresses, car modification businesses should focus on adding smart connectivity and advanced safety features to vehicles they modify. They should collaborate with OEMs and influencers to expand their reach and establish credibility – something which will increase their sales and revenue potential.

3. Laser-engraved taillights

Arresting someone for using aftermarket lighting that does not conform to Department of Transport (DOT) regulations can result in a traffic ticket. Installing additional lights to the roof, chassis, interior of their vehicle or adding them anywhere else are all illegal acts; however modifying taillights generally remain legal so long as their brightness or hue doesn’t exceed regulations; TikTok user Tesharni provides custom taillight designs engraved through her business Etched Out which take approximately 24 hours per light – this process works on taillights of all shapes sizes colors and shapes too!

She states she also offers shift knob engraving and valve cover engraving services, though her customers generally opt for more intricate motifs such as dragons, koi fish and flowers. The website lists various price options depending on the style and size of light fixture desired for custom work.

4. Carbon-fibre bodywork

Carbon fiber bodywork gives cars an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic while improving aerodynamics. Furthermore, carbon fiber is more durable than steel and other materials and can withstand rough road conditions and environmental elements better.

Tuning companies and performance specialists offer customized upgrades for vehicles, such as engine tuning and exhaust system enhancements. These modifications enhance power and torque output for improved performance on highways or racetracks.

Electric vehicles present car modifiers with unique opportunities in terms of visual enhancements and custom interiors. Working closely with OEMs and social media influencers can help expand reach, establish credibility and build customer bases for these mods.

5. Custom engine bays

Engine bays provide an opportunity to showcase one’s creativity, from adding heat wraps or other protective measures, to simply making your car more eye-catching under the bonnet.

One of the hottest protective upgrade trends is a strut brace, which connects suspension turrets to minimize flexing when cornering or driving over uneven roads. They come in various finishes such as carbon fibre for an exclusive engine bay look.

Other functional upgrades for your vehicle could include adding a radiator tuck, which obscures the fill neck from view; and silicone hoses designed to withstand higher temperatures and pressures from various manufacturers like Eventuri, Samco Sport and Goldenwrench Supply.

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