If you own a bike, the first step is to have it serviced regularly. While the manufacturer recommends a major service every 12 months, minor checks are also needed every three months. The frequency of servicing your bike will depend on the mileage you cover, how much you use it and the weather. To determine if your bike needs servicing, listen for rattles, wobbles and creaking. These are warning signs that your bike needs service.

Professional bike servicing can be beneficial for you in a number of ways. Besides saving you the trouble of figuring out the smallest problem, a qualified technician can detect problems you haven’t even thought to look for. After all, your bike is an important investment. You don’t want it to fail on you, right? And there are a lot of different bike components, so a good bike repair shop will have all the tools necessary for the job.

While most parts of your bike are made to withstand extreme conditions, they may not be able to withstand constant use. Consequently, they may wear out or suffer from corrosion. Hard pedaling can also affect drivetrain components. The chain may become distorted and the rollers will stretch. As these parts wear out, replacement will be required. Getting your bike serviced on schedule can prevent a range of problems. You’ll also be able to avoid shocks when you pick it up.

Bike servicing is essential for maintaining your bike in optimum condition. A good mechanic will make sure you understand the types of services available and what each one includes. You’ll want to discuss the options with your mechanic and let them know your priorities. A bicycle service specialist should be able to offer recommendations that will keep you and your bike safe. Once you’ve chosen a mechanic, you can then schedule your bike for servicing. The mechanic can even give you free advice based on your needs.

It’s essential to change your bike’s oil and filter frequently. Changing these can reduce the chances of damage to the engine. Checking small things can prevent major issues like a valve slipping and damaging the engine. Bearings are another example of something that can go unnoticed and cause an engine failure. You should always take your bike in for servicing on a regular basis. Once you start riding more regularly, you can then determine when to visit a bike service shop.

When you have your bike serviced, take a ride. Check for any signs of wear or tear, including play in the bearings or bent or broken spokes. Also check the bike’s frame for corrosion, dents or sagging, and make sure the gears are working properly. If you’re buying a used bike, you should look at the components, such as the BB and headset, thoroughly. You can also replace broken components yourself.

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