Car owners sometimes add cosmetic upgrades to their cars for aesthetic purposes; however, functional upgrades can also significantly improve driving comfort and convenience. For instance, bottle jacks make changing flat tyres much simpler.

Interior accessories like this Govee LED light kit can add character and brightness to your vehicle. It features four strips of LED lights which you can control with either an app or manual controller for precise control over colors and effects.

FH Group Floor Mats

No matter if it’s snow, rain, food and drink spills or muddy dog prints – having the right car floor mats are essential to keeping the interior of your vehicle tidy. FH Group’s universal-fit and trimmable rubber mats are great at protecting carpet from ruin while keeping looking new – simply a quick shake can remove grime or debris!

These heavy-duty rubber mats are the top pick among many reviewers, earning 4.6 out of 5 stars from more than 10,000 users. Not only are they stain-resistant and waterproof – with tall outer ridges to keep water from pooling in footwells – they’re also less odorous than other car floor mats, making them suitable for anyone sensitive to strong odors. With multiple colors to choose from and easy trimming to fit specific vehicles – but best of all: they are affordable long-term options that will be around for years!

Govee LED Lights

Govee may be best known for its LED light strips, but the brand also provides other smart lighting solutions – including several that enhance gaming environments, like RGB lights compatible with ecosystems like Razer Chroma.

Govee’s M1 strip stands out as one of the brightest LEDs we’ve tested. Utilizing addressable LEDs that enable full-color display and various effects like movie reactions or snowfall, it also supports Matter, an emerging standard that makes integration between smart lighting devices easier without needing an additional hub.

The M1 comes in lengths of 6.5-, 10-, and 16.4 feet and includes a black three-button controller with sticky clips to secure its strip to surfaces. You can cut it to any desired length, though doing so will compromise some functionality. Use the Govee home app for convenient access to different modes suitable for any special event as well as music syncing and DIY mode!

Drive Auto Trunk Organizer

An essential item for anyone seeking to keep their car organized, trunk organizers are an indispensable component. Available in an array of sizes to accommodate nearly every vehicle type and purpose imaginable, there’s sure to be one suitable. Some models even fold down into convenient compact units or can even expand and retract according to your needs during road trips or grocery runs.

Kenika Williams notes the importance of factoring storage space, adjustability, and accessibility when selecting a trunk organizer. Drive Auto offers one with all these qualities at an attractive medium size perfect for most vehicles.

With its removable dividers and flap exterior pockets, this suitcase makes storing and organizing groceries, sports equipment, tools, and car accessories effortless. Plus, when not in use it collapses easily with strong plastic clasps for an exact fit and is available in various neutral colors to complement any vehicle!

Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Surge multi-tool stands as one of the heaviest models in their lineup, weighing over 12.5 ounces and being 20% heavier than the Leatherman Wave Plus.

Even though its size makes opening it easy, this multi-tool comes equipped with four externally accessible tools and four pliers (needle nose and regular), wire cutters, crimpers and replacement wire cutters. Made from strong 154CM steel (among the strongest available on any multi-tool).

The blades on Leatherman Surge tools are thick and robust, enabling users to unlock them with one hand easily. Other tools included with it include sawing, filing and several interchangeable bit holders – but without hex driver functionality. Luckily, Leatherman offers an additional hex screwdriver cap/lanyard ring at an attractive price – these make installation quick and simple while protecting it against accidental use or loss.

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