No matter your vehicle needs — from compact sedans and coupes to full-sized luxury SUVs (called Sport Activity Vehicles by BMW), BMW has something suitable for everyone’s tastes and styles.

BMW cars are manufactured around the globe by Munich-based firm BMW International GmbH. Their production plants operate in five different nations. Read on to gain more insight into this iconic German carmaker!


BMW vehicles are known for being user-friendly thanks to the iDrive infotainment system, featuring an intuitive rotary controller enabling drivers to select and change functions without taking their eyes off the road. Later models even support shortcut buttons and voice controls!

It also uses the zero-layer principle, which optimises menu structure by placing key functions at their proper locations, eliminating layers of options which would otherwise become overwhelming if all displayed at once. Furthermore, its intuitive user experience features natural language interactions on its curved display as well as smartphone integration via an inbuilt BMW app.

Features like ‘Great Entrance Moments’ make entering a car easier, with doors automatically unlocking when within 1.5 metres, and personal settings such as climate preferences loading while they remain outside. Your settings can even be stored within your BMW ID account for easy transfer across vehicles as needed.

Advanced Safety Technologies

BMWs are designed to enhance your driving experience, which is why they feature cutting-edge safety technologies. A BMW model’s advanced driver assistance features can increase visibility on Westbury roads, help prevent collisions, and more.

Others technologies you might encounter when driving a BMW car include: (1) head-up display (which projects important driving information onto your windshield without having to take your eyes off the road); and parking sensors, which make parking in tight spaces much simpler; blind-spot monitoring system which alerts when something near your vehicle; lane departure warning – an automated alert that monitors which lanes you are traveling in and provides automated warning when it detects that you’re veering out of them; blind spot monitoring system which alerts when an object near your vehicle; blind-spot monitoring system alerts you when an object approaches too closely, while blind-spot monitoring system alerts you when something near your vehicle; blind-spot monitoring system alerting when near objects are nearby while providing automated alerts if something or nearing your vehicle veers out.

In case of an accident, BMW vehicles equipped with Assist eCall systems will automatically contact emergency services. This technology relays vehicle data directly to a BMW call center which then notifies emergency personnel of key information related to the incident such as its exact location and any occupants involved in it.

Superb Cabin Design

BMW’s reputation for luxury, precision engineering, and premium design did not emerge overnight – rather it took decades of trial-and-error and financial instability for them to get to where they are now.

BMW was established in 1916 as Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW). After World War I had ended, they transitioned from producing aircraft engines to car production.

BMW models are divided into series, an alphanumeric designation similar to Mercedes-Benz classes. Odd-numbered series represent larger vehicles while even-numbered series tend to represent body style variants of previous series. Odd-numbered series tend to represent SUVs while even-numbered series tend to represent body style variants of previous series – thus explaining why odd-numbered series tend to represent SUVs while even-numbered series tend to represent body style variants from previous series – with even-numbered series representing body style variants of previous series X series featuring SUVs while Z roadsters while the i series represents plug-in hybrid and electric drivetrains (whereas suffix sDrive denotes front wheel drive car while models with suffix xDrive denote all-wheel drive for superior driving dynamics in snow/sand conditions – such as seen with its predecessor, and it’s no different when it comes to handling abilities from Mercedes Benz classes!). With its unique handling dynamics on snow/sand conditions found with its predecessor, you’re guaranteed exceptional driving dynamics on either snow/sand conditions like none before. With its predecessor the new iX model stands as proof positive of this!


Owning a BMW may not be for everyone, but for drivers who appreciate quality and performance it can be an expression of style and sophistication. No matter if leasing or purchasing, BMW models come equipped with many premium features to enhance the driving experience.

BMW’s design philosophy can be seen through their pioneering technologies. Unlock iDrive’s groundbreaking functionality and discover how BMW’s advanced driver assistance systems can enhance daily life.

BMWs boast some of the highest resale values in their class, offering incredible resale values even among base models, providing great value for your money and with more standard features than many fully loaded vehicles from other brands – even their base model offers more standard features than fully-loaded models from other brands! Additionally, its EfficientDynamics technology helps save on fuel while giving drivers a memorable driving experience. Kelly BMW is committed to finding you a BMW that matches both your lifestyle and budget perfectly; our team are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide exceptional customer service! Kelly BMW looks forward to helping find you your perfect BMW! Our team are available 24/7 so feel free to reach out with any queries and answers your inquiries with exceptional customer service – we look forward to helping!

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